Are You Looking for SEO Optimisation tools to make your life easier?

Search engine optimisation is vital for your website to succeed. If nobody can find it, it can’t achieve its goals. So, are you looking for SEO optimisation tools to make your life a bit easier? Taggers Eye might be just what you need!

If you’re looking at your sites SEO then you probably already know that your title tag is important. This is the first element that search engines look at and it helps them to understand what that page is about. So, your title tag needs to contain your target keywords.

Did you also know that your meta description is important? You may know that this isn’t a ranking factor, so maybe you don’t think you need to put that much effort into working on it. But, did you know that click through rate is important? You know that a good meta description can improve your click through rate- so it’s important to get it right.

And this is where Taggers Eye can help you! Taggers eye allows you to quickly and easily optimise your SEO by arranging elements to see how your site is currently optimised and helps you decide how to make it better.

Simply upload the urls of the website that you want to work on and then taggers eye will look at either your current title tag or h1 of the page. From that it will create a page where you can edit your title tag and description, you can see what your page looks like in the search engine result pages (SERPs), google suggests for ideas, what the current content of the page is and then also what the top ten results for the target keyword.

Looking at all of this you can quickly get an idea of the landscape you are working in and make changes to improve and optimise the SEO of each page. Once you’re done you can move on to the next page and work your way through your site. Then simply download your work and you can then easily update the title tags and descriptions of your site.

It really couldn’t be simpler to optimise your sites SEO, Taggers Eye will help you get two of the most important elements of your SEO right so you can go and concentrate on other elements to help make your website a success, so start using it today.

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