Make the best SEO optimization for your website using Taggers Eye software !

Taggers Eye was built to help you write Tittle tags and optimized meta-descriptions.

As you already know, the Title tag is the most important tag for your SEO. A poorly optimized title tag is a huge disadvantage for your index on search engines. Google looks up for your title tag(even before your content!), its optimization has a direct impact on your ranking in search results. So stop doing like everyone else by having self-generated title tags, and write down the most important title-tag, for your SEO, using the best tool there is!

The meta-description doesn’t have a direct impact on your positioning which is why it is often forgotten or underestimated… The meta-description has a direct impact on your website’s CTR(Click-Through Rate) inside your search engine’s natural results. If it’s catchy, and tempting for a maximum amount of people to log on your website, than your CTR will increase. And the greatest SEO experts know it, an increasing CTR has a direct impact on improving your ranking.Therefore the meta-description has a much bigger impact than what your competitors might think. So take advantage on them right away, by optimizing your meta descriptions to obtain an exceptional CTR.

Why use Taggers Eye 4 SEO to write a title tag and meta description on all your pages ?

  • Taggers Eye will push you to write down efficient titles and descriptions
  • Taggers Eye will save you some time.
  • Taggers Eye is user-friendly.
  • Taggers Eye is a low price investment
  • Taggers Eye will make you gain experience.
  • Taggers Eye can’t create a penalty from Google.

How does Taggers Eye 4 SEO software works ?

  • First of all you will have to create a new project (Project’s name, define directory). Configure the project by choosing Google’s version, Optimisation’s exportation format (CSV or XLS), the search mode (Title or H1), and the list of the urls you wish to optimize through the software (url list to provide in .txt format). Click than on Create Project.
  • You can then start your optimization work right away through the software.
  • The Software is made of one window divided in 5 parts.
  • Zone 1 : The URL on which you’re currently working, the Title tag and meta description are editable. It’s in those fields that you will write your new tags.
  • Zone 2 : Depending on your actual title tag or H1 title , Taggers Eye will suggest the Google suggest. Keywords that can help you in writing your optimized tags.
  • Zone 3 : A preview of your title and Meta description in the SERP. To remix you that Google only displays a certain number of characters.
  • Zone 4 : The first browser dedicated to the display of your website. You can read back you article to write your two optimizations.
  • Zone 5 : The second browser dedicated to Google’s SERP, to learn about top 10 optimizations. Inspire yourself from your competitors, by doing even better, with a better use of keywords, and by facilitating your user’s click.
  • Taggers Eye is going to load the current SEO tags (Title and Meta description) of the loaded page, and you’ll be free to modify or save it, then go to the next url. Each time you go to the following url,on your list of urls that you wish to modify, Taggers Eye automatically loads every zone of the software: your website’s page, the Title tag and current description, The Google suggest, Google’s Serp…
  • Taggers Eye automatically saves your project and allows you to export it in both .csv or .xls formats.

Taggers Eye can only be used with a keyboard, through the many shortcuts at your disposal. You can lay in your sofa with a wireless keyboard, and write down the best SEO optimizations for your website.

Taggers Eyes gives you a full preview of all the necessary elements for the writing of these two tags, in a single window. You’ll no longer need that many browsers or tabs opened at the same time!

Once your work is done you can export your optimizations in a .cvs or .xls folder. You can than import them manually or automatically in the back office of your CMS. Taggers Eye only allows you to write your optimizations, without having to work and manipulate your back office, page per page. Regarding the importation there are many CMS/plug-ins that allows the automatic importation but you can also copy and paste them yourself or have a freelancer to do it on UpWork.

Don’t ever underestimate the 2 most important SEO tags!

Don’t dash off their optimization!

Have some fun writing them and give them some thoughts/time !

Choose Taggers Eye 4 SEO to help you in this task.

Software Taggers Eye 4 SEO

  • 1 License = 1 User = 1 PC
  • Unlimited numbers of project
  • Unlimited numbers of urls to optimize
  • Compatible with Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • 1 year of updates

Launching Price : 30 €


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