Are you Looking for a SEO meta description tool?

Are you working on the SEO of your site, or maybe several sites? Do you want to edit and improve your meta descriptions but are finding it a painful task at the moment? What if there was an SEO meta description tool that could help you? Well, there is- Taggers Eye.

Taggers Eye is an SEO software that specifically helps you amend your title tags and meta descriptions. How does it work? It really couldn’t be simpler. Once you have downloaded the SEO software just upload the list of urls that you want to work on.

Taggers Eye will then look at the h1 or current title tag of each page- this depends on which one you select. Taggers Eye will create a one-page layout for you to work from, making it nice and easy for you to build a picture of what your page is about and the best way to improve your title tags and descriptions.

From this view you will be able to edit your title tag and description, you can see what your page looks like in the search engine result pages (SERPs), google suggests for ideas, what the current content of the page is and then also what the top ten results for the target keyword (so you can get an idea of what your competition is up to).

Looking at all of this you can quickly get an idea of the landscape you are working in and make changes to improve and optimise the SEO of each page. Once you’re done you can move on to the next page and work your way through your site. Then simply download your work and you can then easily update the title tags and descriptions of your site.

So why is this so important for you? Well you probably know how important it is to get your title tag right, meaning that search engines begin to understand what the page is about and what you want to be found for. You probably also know that a good meta description can improve your click through rate and that this is now a ranking factor- so these are now both important elements to get right!

Taggers Eye not only allows you to do this but makes the task a whole lot simpler. So, ty the best SEO meta description tool today!

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