Are you Looking for an Onsite SEO tool?

Are you working on your website’s onsite SEO? Maybe you work for an agency and you’re working on many sites’ SEO? Either way, this can be a long and daunting task, wouldn’t it be great if there was an onsite SEO tool that could make your life easier? Well, there is- Taggers Eye.

Taggers Eye is an onsite SEO software that is designed to help you amend your title tags and meta descriptions. How does it work? Once you have downloaded Taggers Eye just upload the list of urls that you want to work on.

From here, Taggers Eye will create one-page where you can edit your title tag and description, working through each page one at a time. You can see what your page looks like in the search engine result pages (SERPs), google suggests for ideas, what the current content of the page is and then also what the top ten results for the target keyword. The target keyword that Taggers Eye is basing all of this on will be your current title tag or H1, depending on which one you select.

By creating one page with all of this information you can quickly get an idea of the landscape you are working in and make changes to improve and optimise the SEO of each page.

But why go to all of this effort? Can’t you just add a generic title tag and description for each page? Well, you probably already know that your title tag is an important ranking factor. This is the first element that search engine bots look at and it helps them to understand what that page is about. So, your title tag needs to contain your target keywords.

Did you also know that your meta description is also important? Well it is now! You may know that this isn’t a ranking factor, but did you know that click through rate is important? And what can improve your click through rate? A good meta description.

A good meta description can tell the searcher what the page is about, it can entice them to click through, and if it is accurate it can reduce bounce rate. So, it’s really important that you don’t miss out spending time on this valuable SEO ranking factor. So, let the Taggers Eye software help you make sure your onsite SEO is working hard for you!

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