Start Using The Best On-page SEO Tool Today

Are you working on your on-page SEO? Do you want to optimise your title tags and meta descriptions? It can be a laborious task; wouldn’t it be nice if there was an on-page SEO tool that could help you? Well, there is- Taggers Eye!

Taggers Eye is an on-page SEO tool that allows you to quickly and easily amend the title tags and meta descriptions of your site. Simply upload the urls of the site that you want to work on, it then quickly gives you an overview of the keywords your page is currently targeting, based on either your current title tag or h1. It then helps you decide on how to improve your title tag and meta description by showing you what your page currently looks like on the SERPs (search engine result pages), google suggest ideas, the top ten search results for your targeted keyword and what the current page looks like so you can check the content as it stands. You then edit your title tags and descriptions from Taggers Eye based on the information it is giving you and, of course, your chosen keywords for each page.

If you’re looking at your on-page SEO, and thinking about using a tool to help you, you probably already know that your title tag is important. You know that this is the first element that search engines look at and it helps them to understand what that page is about. So, your title tag needs to contain your target keywords and then the content of your page also needs to contain that keyword and talk about that subject. So after you’ve done your keyword research for each page you know how to target your title tags.

But did you also know that your meta description is important? Well it is! It’s not a ranking factor, so why bother with it? Just write generic meta descriptions for each page? But, did you know that click through rate is important? And what can improve your click through rate? A good meta description. So it’s worth taking the time to work on these!

Which is why you need to start using Taggers Eye, a simple on-page SEO tool that you can download and start using today. On-page SEO doesn’t have to be the laborious task you’ve always thought it was.

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